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5 Problems of Using Excel Spreadsheets and Their Solutions

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 03:45 PM
5 Problems of Using Excel Spreadsheets

If you are making the list of items or calculating the amounts, you will go for the Excel spreadsheet. It is the worldwide most used format for making lists.

But there is a problem that many users face all the time. The problem that unites all the users at one forum is that Excel is very slow. Moreover, there are many other problems that users face while using the spreadsheet. That could be

regarding the security or commands.

Users are always worried about these issues because they often lose their important data while facing these problems.

So, it is quite necessary to come over these issues and make the files more secure to use. And for it, you need to know the solutions that could help resolve this issue.

Common Issues That Users Face While Using Excel Spreadsheet

While using the excel spreadsheet, you can face multiple issues. These things make a user frustrated. Therefore, you all need to know the solution to it.

In this section, we are going to talk about the problems that users often face in the spreadsheet. Let’s dive deep and talk about these difficulties in detail.

• Excel doesn’t open the file

This is the most common issue that users often face. This issue happens when the file is not compatible with the device. This can be the main reason behind it.

The other reason may include the invalid extension that you are using with the file. So, the extension must get matched with the format of the file. It will be a helpful factor in reducing such issues. 

• Security of content

Excel files are editable so anyone can make changes to the content while using it. So, users are concerned about this problem.

Some individuals complain about the security of the format. They lose their important data while generating their files. The reason is that they unintentionally remove the lines from the content.

• File gets corrupted

If you are facing the issue of the files being corrupted, then you are not the only one. It is also a common issue that many users face.

This fault happens when you upgrade the Excel version. Some files are not supported in the new format which leads to this problem.

• Making issues in the commands

Commands are the one-click formula that people use to make the working easy and calculate the large figures quickly without any fault.

But sometimes an error message pops up because of the multi-commands provided by the user. Here the spreadsheet makes issues and gives the SYNTAX ERROR on the screen.

• Multi-user editing

You often see that the Excel files are locked or the permission of the users is limited on the sheet. So, multiple users can’t use the sheet at one time.

Here one user can make changes in the file and the other one has to wait since the first one closes the page from his side.

Solutions to Overcome the Excel Issues

While there is a problem, you will always get its solution. And same goes in this case when you face issues in the Excel sheets.

So, here are some simple solutions that could help you in coming over this problem.

• Start in safe mode

If you are facing compatibility issues then the best solution for this issue is to use the file in safe mode. It will keep the files away from corruption.

When you directly open the file without checking its compatibility with the device, it may make errors and may not open. But when you start the file in safe mode, it keeps the content safe.

• Keep the files in PDF format

The first method for keeping the content safe is by locking the file. It will keep the people away from making changes to the content.

The second and safest option that users can apply is converting Excel to PDF. It will make the content secure as no one can make changes to the file.

Moreover, users can lock the file in this format. So, the security threat of the files becomes zero here and users can keep the data safe here.

• Go for trust center settings

If the files are being corrupted or not opening in the system you need to go for the trust center. By doing this, you can easily remove the issue of file corruption.

Go to the trust center settings and open the window in a protected view. After that, uncheck all the options present in the box.

• Avoid using special characters

The issues of command come when you are using special characters in the file. It will lead to making faults in the calculation.

So, it is quite important to avoid these mistakes and keep the content away from using special characters.

• Use excel online

The best option for making the Excel sheet available for multiple users at a time is by using Excel online and sharing it with all the colleagues.

It will not only allow them to read the content at one time but they can also make changes and pass comments in the chat.

Bottom Lines

While using the Excel spreadsheet there are numerous issues that you may have to face. These problems may be regarding the corrupt files or the security of the content.

But when you get a problem, there is always a need for a solution. You have to come over the issue by using multiple techniques.

The article is describing all types of concerns that users often face while working on the Excel sheet. At the same time, we have also discussed the solutions for these problems so users can easily tackle these matters.